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» How Do I Apply

Reach out

We have put in place a good system to help you reach us. All is simple and effective.

Visit our site

Our site is not just a one-way communication. We want to hear from you too. , To apply visit our website and our e-recruitment system, and then jump in our career section. Scan through the above-mentioned work, and apply the one that fits you. Simple, is not it?

Registered Yet?

The whole process starts with a simple registration. A registration form that you fill in some basic information and you will be prompted to question. Without missing a point to carefully fill out and submit. Once you've registered, you have to set yourself on our results. Remember, the basis of our assessment of your registration form and our first touch-point.

Do I know you?

If you know someone from our company, our employees, then lets through a referral form. His / her name, like the name of the employee, the employee code and fill out the information.

Check out job portals

Job portals can be another good way. You also Naukri, Monster, and others, such as our popular job portal will open. On finding a match, fill in the required details and application, and we will get back to you.

Campus calling

You can also pay a visit to our campus to scout for the best candidates to fill an empty can find. Send us your basic details of the Institute, who coordinated the placement. Depending on the need, the HR department will come to your campus.

Print ads. Read

The good, old newspaper advertisements, there is no way of finding the open. Read properly and in accordance with the terms and conditions will apply.

Help is at hand

You can also get in touch with a good consultant. Good repute and career consultant, we want you to own a specialized no means over. Thus, it is important that you check before you ask them for their credentials. Our HR department keeps a record as well as consultants and are regularly in touch with them to get the right candidate. They are right with us, and from there you will help take it forward.

» Recruitment Procedure

  • We have mentioned before, we have different sources / on-board consultants who have helped us to find the right candidate.
  • We are making the first step and from the source as candidates profiles. So, do not forget to get in touch with one of them.  a lot, since we have a telephonic interview some of the candidate and call for them to HR.
  • Call Screening is the first process. Consultants to you, make sure to keep you updated on the number.  If you have a telephone interview makers attention, then you get a call for a personal interview and a written test.
  • If you manage to clear both with flying colors, we call you back.
  • This is not another round of interview time, but your salary package, terms, conditions, and other useful things to discuss.  The next step is the submission of documents.
  • Be careful with it, because we check them as well. , we suggest you leave the letter.
  • After verifying your documents and background checks we release your offer letter. In general, for a treat from friends is accompanied by a unified call.

» Fraud Awareness

There is no room for cheating honest people like you, and there is a fabricator. Let's take it. And we have to be careful that we do not fall victim. To do so, we have put together in place a fraud awareness program. Please note that we do not, we will not call you or email you asking for money to be deposited in a designated bank account. In many cases where candidates have received calls from fraudsters pretending to be us, the ideal method for getting a job, as has been asked for money. It is never our standard procedure. USSD is not acceptable candidates for a job, sometimes from Pharma accept any kind of payment. We are strict about it. Anyone who we want to reject them immediately. Best practices have been put in place best policy for recruitment USSD Pharma.

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