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Thank you for spending the valuable time to visit us on our website. It gives us a feeling of great happiness and pleasure to welcome you all to our company USSD Pharma Pvt Ltd.

Present day we are structured in a systematic way of development for the elevation of the human spirit to lead a healthy human life. USSD Pharma has ever making the great efforts to build on the core values of reaching out to millions of people deprived of basic need such as medicines. Our purpose is to fulfilling one such necessity of humans need. In India, USSD Pharma Pvt Ltd are working towards maintaining and emerging position of market leadership in key therapeutics areas with strong prescription driven sales. Our company will committed to offer accessible and affordable health care with a quality valued medicines for Indian markets. 

To achieve success in marketing we move ahead, we are determined to capitalize on the new opportunities based on our strong fundamentals of innovation, entrepreneurship. We remain committed to enhancing the values as we actively pursue our strategy of growth through quality medicines at an affordable price. The company tradition is to maintain good corporate governance which is reflected by our values such as transparency, professionalism and accountability. We are committed to enhance our corporate value by ensuring that all of our business activities are so carried out that we may achieve high credibility across the nation.

Chairman Come Director

Mr. Dipankar Sahoo, the founder of USSD Pharma Pvt Ltd, is one of the most reputed business leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Dipankar Sahoo has an experience of 25 years in the pharmaceutical field before instituting USSD Pharma Pvt Ltd.


Dr. Debalina Sahoo, the founder of USSD Pharma Pvt Ltd, is one of the youngest highly ambitious business entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Debalina Sahoo has an experience of 5 years in the field of Physiology before instituting USSD Pharma Pvt Ltd. She does what she’s directed to do but offers little beyond that.  

She is clearly a very creative person and you would like to tap into this to help achieve the team’s objectives. 

She is a 2nd generation business leader. She has taken the company to the next level through her innovative ideas and openness towards change.

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Phone : 9375881819 / 8511939585
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